Marlborough and District Canine Society

2015 Open Show

  Photographs thanks to Alan V Walker 

The Committee would like to say a big THANK YOU to all who attended and made our show on Bank Holiday 4th May 2015 a success. 

Our 70th Anniversary Open Show in 2016 will be on Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May at West Wilts and we are hoping to go all out.

Photographs and details of the winners below.


Lorraine Long

Secretary (Acting)

Marlborough and District Canine Society

All Judges Critiques received so far are shown below.

Updated on 20/06/2015

Jonathan Daltry Write Up.pdf Jonathan Daltry Write Up.pdf
Size : 197.893 Kb
Type : pdf
Gary Quest Write Up.pdf Gary Quest Write Up.pdf
Size : 15.203 Kb
Type : pdf
Leanne Clallands Write Up.pdf Leanne Clallands Write Up.pdf
Size : 9.406 Kb
Type : pdf
Barry Day Write Up.pdf Barry Day Write Up.pdf
Size : 81.056 Kb
Type : pdf
Charlotte Page Write Up.pdf Charlotte Page Write Up.pdf
Size : 179.029 Kb
Type : pdf
Neil Allan Write Up.pdf Neil Allan Write Up.pdf
Size : 180.379 Kb
Type : pdf
Britt-Marie Young Write Up.pdf Britt-Marie Young Write Up.pdf
Size : 198.229 Kb
Type : pdf
Jane Tibbs Write Up.pdf Jane Tibbs Write Up.pdf
Size : 187.028 Kb
Type : pdf

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