Marlborough and District Canine Society

The Committee would like to say a big THANK YOU to all who attended and made our show on Bank Holiday 5th May 2014 a success. For the third year running our entry was up in 2014 and saw us break the 700 entries for 1st dogs entered.

Our Open Show in 2015 will be on Bank Holiday Monday 4th May at West Wilts.  Watch this space and our Facebook page for more details. Dog World published a feature on the show in the 6th June edition.

All photos of our winners below from the Show are by Alan V Walker Photography and are his copyright.

Thank you once again.

The Committee
Marlborough and District Canine Society

Best in Show
Winner of Hound Group

Tasia Moonshine over Dawnchase JW ShCM (Saluki)

Mr J & Mrs L & Miss S Fitzgerald & Steer


Reserve Best in Show
Winner of Toy Group

 Group Winners were...

Gundog Group Winner

Mr & Mrs P Bradley - Antdela Toffee Crisp ShCM (Irish Water Spaniel)

Working Group Winner

Mrs & Miss P & H Taylor - Pelenrise Brite Night JW (Siberian Huskey)

Pastoral Group Winner

Mrs L Paterson - Lorainian Kaeto Star (Shetland Sheepdog)

Terrier Group Winner

Mr M J Presland - Kofyn Kandy Krush (Miniature Bull Terrier)

Utility Group Winner

Mrs C H Sterry - Vicmars Caught in the Act ShCM (Standard Poodle)

Toy Group Winner

Mrs A J Orchard and Mrs S C Whitelock - Soffies Dark Shadow (Imp Dnk) (Pomeranian) -  Reserve Best in Show

 Main  Puppy  Winners were...

 Best Puppy in Show
Winner of Working Puppy Group

Chalards Ring of Roses - (Boxer)

Mrs A Robson

with Reserve Best Puppy in Show
Winner of Terrier Puppy Group

Gundog  Puppy Group Winner

Mr N Powell & Ms W Tarrant - Malmelsa Romancing Romeo (German Shorthaired Pointer)

Working Puppy Group Winner

Mrs A Robson - Chalards Ring of Roses - (Boxer)

Pastoral Puppy Group Winner

Mrs S, Mrs L & Mr J Hiller & Grindrod - Charson Yolo American Dream (Briard)

Terrier Puppy Group Winner

Mr M J Presland - Kofyn Kandy Krush (Miniature Bull Terrier)

Hound  Puppy Group Winner

Mrs Z & Mr R Steers - Rosezest Daisy Mai - (Basset Hound)

Utility Puppy Group Winner

S & N Mullarkey - Rendel Raisa at Tiangou (Chow Chow)

Toy Puppy Group Winner

Mrs A J Teasdale - Buffels Black Truffle at Tonsarne (Affenpinscher)

Best  Verteran in Show
Winner of A.V Toy

Temelora Just Magic (Papillon)

 Owners- Mrs S Morrell and Mrs T Teague
Handled - Mr J Wells

 Main  Veteran  Winners were...

A.V. Gundog  Winner

Mr M Luczynski - Semsox Thanks for the Memory at Kanara ShCM (American Cocker Spaniel)

 A.V. Working Winner

Mrs V Jones - Dortmund Rock'n'Roll for Westfalen (Rottweiler)

 A.V. Pastoral Winner

Miss M Carter - IR CH Breaksea Allegro JW ShCM (Bearded Collie)

A.V. Terrier Winner

Miss M Taylor - Stevelyn Kissin Cousin with Amberstar (Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier)

A.V. Hound  Winner

Mrs P A Molyneux - Molvine Thomasina (Whippet)

A.V. Utility  Winner

Mr G V & Mrs K Plummer - Chrevle Karenzaza at Tetsikarma (Tibetan Terrier)

A.V. Toy Puppy Group Winner

Mrs S Morrell and Mrs T Teague - Temelora Just Magic (Papillon) - Best Veteran in Show

 Judges critiques we have received appear below

Updated on 14/06/2014

BIS1.pdf BIS1.pdf
Size : 2461.992 Kb
Type : pdf
BIS3.pdf BIS3.pdf
Size : 2483.02 Kb
Type : pdf
BIS5.pdf BIS5.pdf
Size : 2572.601 Kb
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BIS7.pdf BIS7.pdf
Size : 2165.634 Kb
Type : pdf
Handling Classes.pdf Handling Classes.pdf
Size : 189.8 Kb
Type : pdf
Gundog Critique.pdf Gundog Critique.pdf
Size : 282.836 Kb
Type : pdf
Golden Retriever Critique.pdf Golden Retriever Critique.pdf
Size : 82.305 Kb
Type : pdf
Critique - Sharon Ashdown.pdf Critique - Sharon Ashdown.pdf
Size : 351.211 Kb
Type : pdf
Papillons.pdf Papillons.pdf
Size : 95.918 Kb
Type : pdf
Hounds - Wendy Cain.pdf Hounds - Wendy Cain.pdf
Size : 276.195 Kb
Type : pdf
Long and Smooth Coat Chihuahuas.pdf Long and Smooth Coat Chihuahuas.pdf
Size : 177.796 Kb
Type : pdf
BIS2.pdf BIS2.pdf
Size : 2505.468 Kb
Type : pdf
BIS4.pdf BIS4.pdf
Size : 2522.272 Kb
Type : pdf
BIS6.pdf BIS6.pdf
Size : 2565.616 Kb
Type : pdf
Malamute.pdf Malamute.pdf
Size : 499.443 Kb
Type : pdf
Utility - Sally Pointon.pdf Utility - Sally Pointon.pdf
Size : 290.237 Kb
Type : pdf
Parson Russell Terriers.pdf Parson Russell Terriers.pdf
Size : 177.281 Kb
Type : pdf
Cavaliers - Sue Mangham.pdf Cavaliers - Sue Mangham.pdf
Size : 258.539 Kb
Type : pdf
Rottweilers.pdf Rottweilers.pdf
Size : 174.075 Kb
Type : pdf
Whippets.pdf Whippets.pdf
Size : 266.651 Kb
Type : pdf
Pastoral - D Clarke.pdf Pastoral - D Clarke.pdf
Size : 287.594 Kb
Type : pdf
Terriers.pdf Terriers.pdf
Size : 189.702 Kb
Type : pdf
Dalmation Write Up.pdf Dalmation Write Up.pdf
Size : 2004.878 Kb
Type : pdf
Briard 2014.pdf Briard 2014.pdf
Size : 430.257 Kb
Type : pdf

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